About me


Hi everyone

My name is Lech Miszkiewicz. I am Qlik Consultant and am currently working and living in Sydney Australia. I have started my adventure with Qlik in Poland, while working for automobile company Solaris Bus & Coach. I was working in Logistics and was blown away by how easy it was to use QlikView in multiple business areas. I spent 3 years learning, practicing and exploring QlikView.

I was later hired by polish Elite Qlik’s partner and became Qlik consultant. I cherish my time spent working for multiple clients, multiple businesses. I was also highly exposed to NPrinting when it was still Vizubi product. I liked working with NPrinting and was involved in many NPrinting related projects.

When NPrinting became Qlik branded product once I had issue and started looking for a help. I went to Qlik Community and noticed that there is a very small group of people with really deep NPrinting knowledge. At this point I decided that I want to excel in NPrinting and I want to learn it by helping others solve their issues.

I am still very much Qlik Sense, QlikView consultant, but my hobby is NPrinting.

In June 2020 I became Qlik Community MVP and retained that status in renewed Qlik Community MVP programm in 2021. I also got my 5 minutes of fame when I was featured as a community member of the month (March 2021).

Cheers everyone and happy reading.